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Click below to enjoy beautifully executed Rumba in gym shoes!


No Heels? No Problem! 

Video from and Featuring young, talented @jessy_dany_hill 


We love highlighting hard work, dedication, and passion.

We love this quote from Jessica:


"Nothing in this life is easy, there is a lot of work, pain, and tears behind beautiful pictures [and videos], but only in this way you become stronger and more enduring on the way to your dream."

"Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong."



South Open Stars: JT Church & Kamri Peterson

Event: South Open Dancesport Championships

Video: Dance Today

Kamri Peterson and JT Church are veterans of Dancing with the Stars Junior, and exclusive family members of the South Open. With several achievements and genuine personalities, these two youth are leading by example for their generation. We can all be inspired and appreciate their talent and work ethic. Watch their award winning showdance from the 2019 South Open Dancesport Championships! 

Click below to enjoy an explosive, well executed performance!

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