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An All Star Partnership: Craig Smith and Andrea Harvey

Guided By a Beating Heart:

Andrea and Craig

March 22, 2021

By Sara Corbo Halilovic

When it comes to the dance championships, a vast majority of people wonder what is the secret behind the performance of one of the most popular dance partnerships, Andrea Harvey and Craig Smith. This dancing duo has placed 1st in The South Open Dance Championship in 2018 and 2020, Florida State Championships, and Heritage Dance Festival in 2020. So, what is their secret?

Even though they were a real match from the beginning, few things needed adjustments. The two connected via social media and engaged in their professional Cabaret/Exhibition partnership. They are now specialists when it comes to this type of dancing, but they actually incorporated their strengths and that is the reason behind their success.

The pair performed with the song “Wake Me Up” by Avicii at the South Open Dance Championship in 2020. They looked perfect as the audience can see the harmony between the two. As it can be seen from the video of their dance at the South Open Dance Championship in 2020, their chemistry is just unbelievable! If you haven’t seen their dance yet, check it out now on youtube! It’s our first official video so wait no more!