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Why YOU Should Try Hip Hop

Why YOU should Try Hip Hop!

Carly Chervenak

June 30th 2021

We always encourage you to find your own style and be super confident in it! Part of finding out your style is expanding your boundaries. We love ballroom dancing- but we also love alternative styles. In fact, since 2019, South Open has opened its doors to our beloved alternative dance styles. In the past years, hip hop has grown immensely in fame (rightfully so). Celebrities like Jason Derulo, Lizzo, and Beyonce even include aspects of hip hop in their music videos and tours. We love hip hop and think you will too!

Hip Hop is an incredible dance style that focuses on technique, strength, and tempo. Many of the skills you learn in hip hop will make you even stronger in your usual styles.

Besides that, hip hop gives dancers an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to expression. A brilliant hip-hop dance includes a lot of passion, emotion, and personality. Dancers have the freedom to show who they are through their movements and facial expression. No matter who you are, hip hop will make your personality shine onstage.

Like any other dance, hip hop is an incredibly fabulous workout. Studies have shown that out of any other dance styles, hip hop is the best for your cardiovascular strength. Protecting your heart and making it happy at the same time sounds pretty amazing!

You may be thinking--- I don’t have time or money to learn a totally new style right now or even finding out that your studio doesn’t offer it. The good news is… that there are plenty of free hip hop classes online or even sometimes in person. Youtube is a wonderful place to expand your horizons even if you have 15 minutes of free time!

We hope that this inspires you to pop, lock, and jam next time you want to dance!

Pick up a new skill or a cool combo?

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