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What You Actually Need to Bring to College

What You Actually Need to Bring to College

Madison LaVoy

July 24th 2021

There are a ton of lists out there telling you what you should and shouldn’t bring to college. With all of that information out there, it’s hard to figure out what you should actually be packing. As a recent college grad, I’ve come up with the perfect list of 10 must-haves for your college dorm!

1. A Mattress Pad

The college dorm beds are not very cozy, so a mattress pad is a must-have for your dorm.

2. Extension Cords

Most dorm rooms don’t have many outlets, so extension cords are a must. Extension cords are perfect to make sure you have enough outlets for all of your devices.

3. Command hooks and strips

Command hooks are perfect to hang all things on your dorm room walls and doors without damage!

4. Shower Shoes

In most freshman dorms you will be using communal bathrooms, so to make sure your feet stay fungus free shower shoes are a must.

5. Cleaning supplies

Your dorms are bound to get super dirty, so making sure that you have some cleaning supplies is vital! A little vacuum and some Clorox wipes are perfect for keeping your dorm room nice and clean.

6. A Planner