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Ways to Improve Your Stability and Balance for Dance

Ways to Improve Your Stability and Balance for Dance

Krista Hanessian

July 8th 2021

Many movements in dance require stability and balance. Without these, there would be no flow in movement, and technique would be lost. Here are a few tips to improve stability and balance:

1. Cross train with pilates. Pilates improves alignment, while stabilizing, strengthening, and lengthening muscles. Many dancers that practice pilates find it is easier to execute technique that requires balance and stability.

2. Strengthen core and back muscles. Many people only focus on core exercises to achieve stability. While this is important, back muscles must be engaged as well. Develop both the core and the back muscles so they can work harmoniously.

3. Step away from the barre. If you are able to perform a movement with the bar, try practicing without the barre.

4. Practice ankle stabilization exercises. Dancers are required to be on the balls of their feet and toes for a long time. Your body depends on your ankle stability to remain balanced. Practice heel raises, single leg exercises, or bending and straightening legs on dorsiflexion or plantarflexed feet. For an extra challenge, you can do these exercises on a BOSU board.

5. Focus your gaze. Spotting is crucial for any turning movement. Pirouettes, spot turns, chanes, are much easier when there is a point your eyes focus on when turning. Spotting prevents dizziness and imbalance.

Improving balance and stability takes time, effort, and trial and error. Developing the stabilizers in the body takes time. Remember to be patient with yourself when practicing something new!