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Ways to Improve your Scores at Dance Competitions

Ways to Improve your Scores at Dance Competitions

Krista Hanessian

August 4 2021

What are judges looking for at dance competitions? It takes much more than good technique to receive first place! Here is a list of ways to help you improve your scores at dance competitions:

1. Plan your presentation. Presentation is a big part of what makes a dancer’s performance memorable. Make sure your costume,makeup, or props are planned before the competition.

2. Make you are in sync. Some score sheets include a section of timing, spacing, and organization. This is important especially if you are in a partner or group dance. Correct timing involves the right choreography and musicality of the dancer(s). Organization comes with practice and being aware of what your partner/group is doing on stage. Spatial awareness and timing is key!

3. Include both movement and technique. Wow the audience with moments of tricks, but make sure to also include transitions of movement. Judges pay attention to difficulty, variety, and fluidity of choreography.

4. Perform with Purpose. Every moment of the dance should have intention behind it. You are telling a story from beginning to end. The moment you walk on stage, is when you begin the performance, rather than when the music starts. Judges focus on eye contact, facial expressions, and lasting impressions on the audience.

5. Give an authentic performance. Remember why you are performing! Whether you are performing for fun or dedicating a dance to a loved one, communicate that with the audience. Judges will enjoy the dance if you are!

There is a wide range of criteria judges take into consideration when ranking dancers. These are a few tips to help increase scores.