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Vacation Tips and Tricks

Vacation Tips and Tricks

Dreau Michael

July 24th 2021

Vacations can be super stressful! So, I came up with just a few tips and tricks to help decrease your stress on your next fun vacation!

  • Flights- Everyone thinks that buying way ahead of your trip tickets are cheaper. In my experience if you are spontaneous and a more flexible schedule, buying tickets day of or day before your trip you can find rather cheap flights.

  • Connecting flights: this gets you to see different cities (a small tour) and still get you ot your destination usually at cheaper prices.

  • Rolling your clothes allows you to fit more in your suitcase

  • Portable steamer. You can get a small one for $10. Life saver in helping your outfits look like they didnt just come out of the suitcase

  • Carry-on, do what you can, to get everything in a carryon.

  • Gentleman, you have a carry one, use a large manly purse/ laptop bag for other items, women get an extra advantage. Use it.

  • If you are going somewhere by yourself, (even if your not, cut down the outfits. You won’t see the same people everyday, wear the same outfit every day.

  • Asaptickets is an amazing (word of mouth) company that is able to get amazing deals for you on flights. You do have to call, you can’t buy online, but I use this service and they surprise me and follow through everytime. They also give you the option o hold the price and get back to them in a timely manner if you are shopping prices.

  • You can find the number in your web search.

  • West Coast, Nevada, Arizona. FLIXBus app is amazing. Beautiful busses that run for amazing travel prices.