Top 5 Organic Makeup Brands!

Top 5 Organic Makeup Brands!

Morgan Lathrom

Aug 30 2021

Hey again! It's Morgan back with some more inside on all things beauty & fashion!! For those who use makeup constantly or for those who barely use it but have a hard time putting makeup on your face when it could have toxic chemicals in it, that can be very bad for your face.. I have an option for you! Organic makeup, there are so many brands out there that are organic that don't receive enough credit! So here are the top 5 that I think you will love!


Natural & Organic, Natural & USDA-certified organic ingredients, safe synthetics.

Sustainable & eco-friendly packaging, recycled, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly.

ILIA formulates products from scratch, using a mix of natural, organic botanicas and safe synthetics to ensure above-and-beyond performance. ILIA’s beliefs are simple: not every natural ingredient is good for the skin, nor is every synthetic ingredient bad—it's about finding balance.

2. RMS Beauty

Natural & Organic, Raw, food-grade, and organic ingredients.

Recyclable & reusable packaging.

Cruelty-free, Nano-free.

RMS is the initials of Rose-Marie Swift, who created this line of color cosmetics. It also stands for "Real Make-up Secrets" and "Right Mental State". RMS Beauty is non-GMO, non-Nano, hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, and cruelty-free. Plus, all of its products are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, talc, petrolatum, and polyethylene.

3. Kosas

Natural & Organic, botanical formulas & safe synthetics.

Cruelty-free, vegan-friendly

Kosas is a visionary collection of nourishing, skin-flattering color cosmetics. They undo conventional rules and create products that are effortlessly applied, flattering across skin tones, and enriched with beneficial skincare ingredients.

Kosas does not use any of the following products: PARABENS, PHTHALATES, SULFATES, TALC,


4. Alima Pure

Natural, nontoxic ingredients.

Carbon-free, reusable packaging, renewable energy-powered.


Alima Pure is one of the top non toxic makeup companies that gives you ALL the options. They have favorites for face, cheeks, eyes, lips, and even accessories too.

5. Honest Beauty

Natural, nontoxic ingredients.

Paraben-free, pregnancy safe, sulfate free.

Cruelty free.

Jessica Alba’s beauty company did not come to mess around, this company has branched from makeup, to skincare, to baby products, to even clothing! Honest Beauty’s products are derived from botanicals free of parabens, sulfates and chemical sunscreen.