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Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

Krista Hanessian

Aug 30 2021

Dancers of all levels deal with stage fright. Going out on a stage and knowing all eyes are on you is a lot of pressure! Here are a few tips to calm nerves before getting on stage:

  1. Speak to yourself affirmatively. When intrusive thoughts flood the mind, tell yourself you are capable, strong, and ready.

  2. Take deep breaths. Take a breath in for 3 seconds and a breath out for 3 seconds to calm the central nervous system. Deep breathing lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, and helps people think clearly.

  3. Stretch. Stretching releases tension from the body. Pairing breathing with stretching is a great way to tell the body to calm down and relax the muscles.

  4. Focus on the first part of the dance. Stage fright often causes people to forget their routine or freeze. Whether you are doing improv or a performance, plan out the first movements, and let your body do the rest. If you have a routine planned and have practiced, muscle memory will take over!

  5. Record the routine. If you have a routine planned, record yourself practicing it. Right before getting on stage, watch the video to refresh your memory.

  6. Visualize a successful performance. Think about the best situation rather than the worst. Go over your routine and imagine yourself giving your best performance.

Stage fright is common and something performers have to overcome, no matter how many times they do it. These tips will help overcome the fear of performing and reduce the effects of stage fright.

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