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Tips for Aspiring Broadway Dancers

I Hope I Get It : Tips for Aspiring Broadway Dancers

By Carly Chervenak

May 15th 2021

Broadway; the shining lights, energetic crowds, and plenty of fans- what could be more appealing to a dancer? If your dream is to shine on a Broadway stage, this is the article for you!

Here are a few steps to help you work towards your dreams of being a star!

  1. Have Patience

Broadway Stars and experts alike encourage aspiring stars to have an incredible amount of patience. We all know the saying “there’s no business like show business”- and not everyone is cut out for it. Don’t give up hope! Not every audition is going to be a wonderful one, but it doesn’t reflect you. Make sure you keep a positive attitude and keep training- you never know when your big break can happen!

2. Ballet! Ballet! Ballet!

Broadway and musical theatre are home to many different dance styles. Ballet, however, provides a solid foundation for Broadway dancers. Experts and casting agents on suggest that all future Broadway dancers have a strong foundation in ballet-- as it makes them a standout and good option for casting directors. Having this skill indicates the ability to be a flexible and versatile dancer.


“Practice makes perfect” may be a cliche saying… but it is true. Auditions are a great chance to practice skills… even if you don’t get the part. Whether you are cast or not, auditions provide room for exposure into the business. A casting director could remember you and find another job for you! Make sure you come in with your best attitude, manners, and technique- and it is never a waste of time!

4. Triple Threat

The jargon term “triple threat” refers to a performer who can sing, act, and dance. Casting agents are always on the hunt for these types of performers. If you only excel in dancing, it will be worthwhile to take lessons or classes in order to make yourself a more suitable fit for different roles. There is never a bad time to learn, and acting and voice coaches are plentiful!

5. Keep Training