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Tips and Tricks for Students

5 Tips and Tricks for Students

By Brenda Ortega

May 16th 2021

School can be overwhelming here are some tips to help you stay motivated and productive. Apply these tips in any aspect of your life.

  • The first tip is to have a schedule to-do list, check off list whatever works best for you. I have found that an online list is the most helpful for me. I use tan online planner. This will help you stay focused, motivated and it’s a great reminder.

  • The second tip is to make sure to have some time to yourself. This can be anything from taking a break to taking a walk, this will ensure you stay inspired and motivated.

  • The third tip is to use different colored pens/ highlighters when taking notes. This is a game changer. It will keep you engaged and your notes will be easy to read.

  • The fourth tip is to make sure you're sleeping enough. School can get busy sleeping late, waking up early. Be sure to get some rest, a tip if school work is too much you can ask for an extension. This is not always guaranteed but if your workload is too much talk to your professor! Ask for an extension on that essay that is going to keep you up all night. A good night's rest can elevate your mood and increase productivity.

  • This next tip may seem obvious, but focusing on your nutrition is vital to staying happy and healthy! A simple thing you can do to start off your day is having breakfast. This guarantees that you’re putting your best foot forward to starting a productive day. On a busy day you might be inclined to skip breakfast. My tip to you is to not skip breakfast !