The Ultimate Guide to Gym Etiquette: 10 Do's and Don'ts

Alex Kavege

September 13 2021

Listed below is a short guide of 10 habits to follow and avoid when at the gym.


1. Wear the right clothes

Wearing the wrong gym clothes can actually hinder your performance and lead to injury. Make sure to wear well-fitting clothes, the right sneaker size, and avoid jewelry like long necklaces that could get all tangled up and rings that could fall off. Most importantly, wear clothes you are comfortable in and that will boost your confidence.

2. Wipe down the equipment

It might sound obvious to you, but not to everyone. Make sure you wipe down the equipment before and after you use it. Gym equipment is a great place for germs and bacteria to spread so make sure you stay safe and keep others safe too. You could bring your own wipes or use the ones usually supplied by your gyms

3. Return all equipment to its proper place

Put weights away after you are done using them. You wouldn’t want to trip over a dumbbell and get hurt or have other gym-goers go on a 20-minute long hunt for misplaced a dumbbell, right? If you aren’t sure about where something belongs, ask an employee! They will kindly help you out.

4. Respect people’s personal space

The gym is a shared space which is why everyone should be mindful of each other’s space. You do not need to get on the treadmill right next to someone if other machines are available. It might make some people uncomfortable. In the weight room, do give some space to weightlifters; this is for their safety and yours.

5. Plan your workout

This can actually save you so much time! Know what you came for and plan out which area of the gym you’ll spend some time in. Organizing your workouts that way will allow you to maximize your time and focus more on your performance.


1. Wear the right clothes (yes, again)

The gym isn’t a fashion show, do wear clothes you are comfortable in but keep it appropriate. Avoid dressing to impress, rather, dress for success (and for your own safety).

2. Stay off your phone

You can use it to take a quick selfie or find the perfect workout playlist but you should limit yourself to that. Don’t make any phone calls; it is disruptive to others. If you absolutely need to take or make a call, step out of the room before doing so.

3. Don’t make noise

It is normal to sometimes let a little noise out at the gym but don’t be excessive. Refrain from letting out loud screams or grunts when working out; it disturbs others peace and might stop them from focusing on their own workout.

4. Personal grooming

Leave personal grooming at home! Do not shave or clip your nails in the communal shower. It will clog the drain and might spread in the locker room.

5. Talking to much

The gym might seem like a great social setting but it also is a place people want to go to be alone. You might want to initiate a conversation with a fellow gym-goer but keep the chatting to a minimum. Not everyone wants to be disturbed during their workout. If they have headphones in, leave them alone.

As a general rule, always be kind and respectful to others and the equipment. This is a shared space so make it a pleasant experience for you and others.