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The Spotlight is Yours : How to Dance With Confidence

The Spotlight is Yours: How to Dance With Confidence

Carly Chervenak

June 15th 2021

You have the passion, talent, and drive… but do you have the confidence? Dance is a sport of expression and beautiful creativity, but it shines even more when dancers are confident. If you are looking to increase your confidence on the floor or on stage, this is the post for you! Here are a few tips to help you dance with confidence!

Work Hard, Play Hard!

One of the most obvious ways to become more confident is to put in the work. Staying 5 minutes after rehearsal or training to perfect a new skill can really make a big difference. When you show dedication, dedication shows up for you!

Embrace YOUR Style

When someone is uncomfortable, it shows. When performing, put your own style into it. No, that doesn’t mean changing the choreo… but it means embracing it. Even if it’s not your style, the way your face and body moves can be! Dance with your passion and style in mind, and confidence will follow you!

Don’t Run from Mistakes

Yup… nobody is perfect. As much as it stinks, mistakes and mishaps are bound to happen. However, it is how you respond to them that shows confidence. Fall on stage? Get back up and dance even harder. The most successful people are those who can bounce back from failure and let it improve them.

Be Different!

We live in a world where differences can be powerful! In dance, your differences can make you shine on stage or on the floor. Commit to your dance and “play” the character. Bring expression and attitude to the number. Just because you are not like everyone else, doesn’t mean you should be less confident!

All that being said, we know confidence doesn’t come overnight. You must commit to yourself and your growth. The moments of awkwardness and fear are those that will move you forward!

Keep pushing & embrace YOUR unique style!