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The First Generation of South Open Stars!

The First Generation of South Open Stars

By the Style Team

South Open Dancesport Championships is a premier annual dance competition located in Orlando, Florida. The event is owned by decorated champion and organizer, Sid Pocius. This year is the 49th annual SODC and we’re excited to welcome many participants with a one of a kind experience.

South Open Dancesport Championships is the first professional ballroom competition to open up its doors to our beloved alternative styles. This began just two years ago, and the South Open Staff has designed an innovative way to officially share this new experience to many talented youth. Just new this year: “South Open Stars”

This exclusive group is composed of talented youth including past featured performers as well as other talented dancers completely new to the South Open Scene. Overall these dancers continue to achieve 5 stars in all that they do, and are ecstatic to share this immersion into the ballroom world.

Have you ever wanted to experience a professional ballroom competition, but you’re hesitant because ballroom is not your main style? South Open welcomes all. Any age. Any Category. Any Style.

Youth participation has drastically increased from year to year. Have you ever wanted to dance on a ballroom floor? South Open strives to give the younger generation an opportunity to grow and showcase their talents.

Many of our South Open Stars are exceptional youth dancers, you know and love, that have already participated at our events!

Avery Gay performed in the 2019 SODC as a featured performer, but she also took the competition by storm, winning first place and the top overall title. She competed a contemporary solo against many other talented dancers.

Olivia Taylor, new to ballroom last year, performed as a featured performer in the 2020 SODC and also competed with the first ever youth musical theater