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Step In Time! : 5 Reasons to Learn to Tap

Step In Time!: 5 Reasons to Learn to Tap

Carly Chervenak

May 28, 2021

For decades, there is nothing that makes an audience go crazy like a tap number. From Mary Poppins to A Chorus Line, tap dance commands the stage. It is never a bad time to pick up a new skill, especially one that can help you shine even more! Here are 5 reasons YOU should learn to tap!

  1. Everyone can tap!

Dance has no age limit! Even if you never tried in your life, you can still learn to tap dance. There are so many in-person or virtual classes to take to change it up! Even Youtube has tutorials!

2. It’s a GREAT workout

Like any style of dance, tap requires a lot of agility and precision. Tap dance is especially good for those looking for some cardio! It’s surely more enjoyable than an hour on the treadmill! Why not enjoy your workout to some show tunes?

3. Improved balance

Tapping engages your core in a very large way. By tapping, you are training your body to learn balance and control. The foundations you learn in tap will help you shine in all of your other styles, too! It’s a win-win!

4. You can do it ANYWHERE

You may not be able to do an aerial while brushing your teeth, but you can surely practice your tap combo. (ps… you can even do it under your desk!) Tap can be performed and practiced anywhere which makes it super fun!

5. It helps build your unique style!

We are ALL about finding your unique style and discovering what makes you who you are! Learning is a huge part of that! Even if you may be hesitant, learning a new style of dance can bring you confidence, joy, and technique that you never had before! Remember to keep an open mind, and you’ll go far!

We hope this inspired you to try something new!