Staycation Ideas and Tips

Staycation Ideas and Tips

Dreau Michael

July 1st 2021

As summer rolls around and things are starting to open up again, a vacation sounds pretty nice. Although things are starting to get back to normal, you might not feel comfortable hopping on a plane for a vacation, so here are just a few ideas to help you enjoy the city you live in. As a local you should be able to hear about special little hole in the wall, and secret places that only locals get to experience.

In large cities, (as in mine, of Las Vegas) during slow times (season to season) dive in and do the “cheesy” tourist things. There are less crowds and lines and you experience the “hype” that everyone comes to your city to see. Always nice to be able to give any guests or visitors your opinion of popular/well known ‘things to do’.

Check out hotel sites in your area.

In Vegas during the pandemic, the popular hotel sites were selling the rooms of hotels as little as $10 a night. We jumped on this getting to stay at hotels, we would have never stayed at before. 5 star rooms usually $200+ a night for only 10-50 bucks a night.

Snow Bird Cities.

If you live in a town that is only busy during certain seasons (Florida-Winter) and (Midwest-Summer) The local businesses will usually have great specials to keep business during the slow times. In South Florida restaurants present great offers such as 3 course meals with a bottle of wine for a base amount, etc. The base amount being as low as $40 in some locations.


Use this site. It's great to be able to stay in your own town and city for a couple of nights, but getting to mix up your location or status in the city. Through this app you can stay in grand places, or small unique places that you never thought you could or would. Even if just for a night, the change of scenery and the experience gives you a sense of excitement and change. I do this sometimes 1-3 times a month, again even if only for a night. Helps to just clear your head, escape for a couple hours and enjoy the city that most people are proud to live in, since they moved to their city.

Other Things to Consider

  • Most cities give local discounts at sporting events and amusement parks!

  • Most car rental companies will not charge a deposit (or not as big of a deposit) if you have a local driver license!