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Running Tips for Beginners

Running Tips for Beginners

Jordan Cook

June 13th 2021

Running is a great exercise to help you get in shape while burning calories. It is a great workout that will help keep you in shape and doesn’t take much effort to get into. While running on the treadmill is good there is a unique experience that you gain from running outdoors. You can always switch it up if you have access to a gym or a treadmill at home in case there is bad weather but you still are up for running. For beginners that want to get into running don’t worry here are some helpful tips to get you started.

1. Stretching

Stretching is always good to do in general but is even better before going for a run. It’s good to make sure that you warm up before going to run and focusing on stretches that target your legs are great such as your calves or hamstrings.

2. Hydrate before running

Another thing to add in preparation for your running is to make sure you hydrate, drinking 16 ounces will have you ready to start your running. Make sure to hydrate after you’re done running as well.

3. Running clothes

Now you don’t need anything too special for running clothes more often than not a t-shirt and just some regular athletic shorts will be fine. However sneakers are very key as you want to make sure that you’re comfortable while running. Most retail stores that sell sneakers will already have a section for them so be sure to pick out what you feel will suit you best and even better if you’re able to try out the sneakers in person. You could also look for comfortable shorts or pants and shirts or tank tops but shoes are the most important for sure.

4. Apps that track

People that are running or beginning to get into running should download an app that will track their progress while running. They will give you breakdowns of your run from how long you were running to how many miles you ran. There are plenty of different options to choose from so it will never hurt to try out the different apps to see which one gives you the best experience.(Also if you are worried about carrying your phone in your pocket there are running gear that will hold your phone while not getting in the way)

5. Run at your own pace

When you are just beginning make sure that you run at your own pace and don’t overexert yourself. Make small goals you want to accomplish and then try to work at it slowly each time that you go for a run. There’s no need to try and push yourself past your limits. Always remember everyone is different some can do more than others and people all have their different starting points as long as you continue to be consistent and work towards the goals you set you will seeing results in no time.