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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on Summer Vacation

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on Summer Vacation

Katya Boskovic

June 26th 2021

After the rigorous school and work schedules that may come with the colder months of fall and winter, summer vacation appears to be the perfect invitation to settle into an inactive, sluggish attitude. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital all year round and we have a few tips to nurture healthy living in the long-awaited months of June, July, and August!

1. Go outside!

It may seem as though the childhood days of running through the cool sprinkler, making colorful chalk drawings on the sidewalk, and playing games all day in the sun have slipped away at times, but this does not have to be the case at all! Whether you are reading a book on a park bench, taking a walk around the neighborhood, having a fun battle with water balloons, or even rolling the windows down on a long car drive, soak in that fresh, warm air! The air conditioning can be so tempting as the temperature increases throughout the day but it’s so important to go outdoors everyday for at least a little bit! After a long nine months, we cannot let ourselves forget what we have waited for! Fresh air can be truly rejuvenating!

2. Create a schedule!

During the busy year of school, work, and extracurriculars, it’s easy to feel burnt out by the time summer rolls around. A few days of lying around feels great at first but as the weeks build up and as summer seems to fly by before your eyes, a routine is the perfect remedy to avoid boredom and make more of your summer vacation! Having a set schedule means order which can in turn boost productivity and reduce stress. Seize the summer by beginning each day with a plan! Daily tasks can be as simple as eating breakfast at a certain time, watering the plants, or organizing items like clothes, makeup, or jewelry. Writing down your plan is especially helpful; there’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes with crossing items off of a to-do list!

3. Make exercising fun!

Make exercising fun with summer-themed exercises! Whereas a volleyball or soccer game during the school year may demand pressure, a light, recreational game of the sport of your choice is a great way to support the fitness of both your mind and body! Gather a group of friends and a ball and have fun! Swim a few laps during a nice pool day or grab a jump rope and enjoy your favorite playlist! Winter may have demanded the use of an indoor treadmill but summer offers the perfect opportunity to run outside in the fresh morning or evening air when it’s not too hot out. Create a makeshift studio by gathering a yoga mat, workout clothes, iced water, and your phone or computer with an exercise video on YouTube or livestream on Instagram to accompany you! If you live near an ocean or lake or a pond on the larger side, there are endless water sports to take part in, like paddle boating with a buddy! A nice walk outside is a wonderful way to simultaneously enjoy summer and move around! And remember, have fun!

4. Eat healthy summer foods!