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How to Stay Motivated Over Summer Break

How to Stay Motivated Over Summer Break

Katya Boskovic

June 26th 2021

Attention high school students! Are you starting to feel the lull of summer? While the school year can be truly hectic, the relaxation enveloping summer may seem an extreme change. It’s important to stay motivated all year round in order to maintain a clear and focused mindset! Here are six tips to help keep you motivated over summer vacation!

1. Sleep schedule!

Although going to bed late and sleeping in late may be what you have craved all school year, a sleep schedule can be really beneficial to maintaining some type of structure to your summer days! This doesn’t mean that you have to be the first one to fall asleep and the first one to wake up; however, this does mean that being mindful of time and the amount of sleep you are getting does not lose importance during the summertime! We often have commitments that require an early start to the day and continuously going to sleep when the clock hits the early hours of the AM can result in less than the recommended eight to ten hours of sleep! The typical result of going to sleep late is waking up late and before you know it the productive and refreshing morning hours have managed to slip away!

2. Learning doesn’t have to stop!

Depending on whether or not you are taking a few courses over the summer months, structured assignments and lessons may no longer be a part of your day. Although school may no longer be in session, that doesn’t mean that learning has to go completely out the window until late August! Has there ever been a book you wished your English class read? Perhaps you saw a science project from another class that looked interesting but you didn’t get the chance to try it? Learning during the summer can be what you make it! Choose your favorite school subject and run with it! If you are interested in a particular era in history, search for documentaries, books, or movies centered on that! Interested in learning a new language! Delve into the language of your choice by downloading a language learning app! Time spent learning is never wasted!

3. Try a new hobby!

Take advantage of the free time that comes with summer by trying a new hobby! Anything from pottery techniques to delicious bakes to tennis skills can add vibrancy to your summer! Now is the time to explore the hobbies you didn’t have time for during the school year! Whether your desired hobby is obscure or popular, grab your computer or a book and utilize the research skills you gained in school from perhaps science or English class! Examples of hobbies include learning a new instrument, cooking, writing stories or poems, and, of course, dancing! Hobbies can be garnered with family and friends, too! Join a book club with your fellow bookworm buddy or take an exercise class with your sports teammate! Have fun with your new adventure and stay motivated as you master a new craft!

4. Summer job!

Interested in adding to your resumé or making money during the summer? Demonstrate drive and determination by entering the workforce with what may be your