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How to Prioritize Yourself

How to Prioritize Yourself

Clara Nawfal

June 26th 2021

Hey there everyone! One of my favorite topics today is prioritizing yourself. It is my favorite due to its importance and how difficult it is to put into effect. Most important thing to remember throughout reading this blog and to take from this blog is "Love Yourself So Others Can Love You", know your worth and believe in your worth. Time to tackle the importance of prioritizing yourself and how to do so. Enjoy the read!

This is probably one of the most difficult goals to prioritize. With how busy we are as individuals and the stress we endure daily; we forget ourselves and most of the time have no time for us, or a moment that is solely about us.

How to prioritize yourself

1. Take a "me" moment: It could be as simple as going to bed every night at the same time, scheduling a regular massage or lighting candles and taking a pause. It’s finding whatever recharges you, and then incorporating it as a ritual into your life.”

2. Increase your emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize our feelings, emotions, and moods to better identify what we are feeling and why.

3. Watch your language: Language can have a profound effect on your thoughts, moods, and perspective. It is not just what comes out of your mouth in conversations with others; the messages you tell yourself play an essential role in how you feel.

4. Take a break from social media: On top of privacy concerns, damaging your reputation, and being distracting, social media can increase anxiety and depression. It can also reduce the amount of sleep that you get, and it is a poor use of downtime. As opposed to spending over an hour a day on social media, you could spend that time taking care of your well-being.

Mental Health

Making ourselves a priority is a healing method for our mental state. If you are in an unhealthy mental shape and form there is no way you can take care of yourself physically or even emotionally, hence the importance of your mental state for the rest of yourself. People who suffer mental disorders such as depression and anxiety often do not have the capacity or ability to physically maintain their appearance or health. Our mental state is so crucial as it makes us or breaks us for the rest. When you prioritize yourself, you also prioritize your mental state, hence when you are mentally strong you can enjoy your life to the fullest, rather than lying in bed for days and watching your life pass whilst you have done nothing with yourself. Your mental health is linked to self-love and your self-esteem. The next time you start to question your motives, just remember that you can not be confident if your mental state is not where it needs to be to help you do so.

Physical Health

When you stop making yourself a priority, you also stop taking care of yourself in many ways such as your appearance and taking care of your body. Your body moves you; it is your Bessel that helps your conscious mind create a beautiful life. You cannot do anything if your body is not healthy. Your well-being is crucial, and you should never forget that or undermine its importance. When your body is constantly sick and tired, you do not have any motivation to go on with your day, and hence why you feel like you do not want to do anything but sleep and rest. Also exhausting your body can inevitably exhaust your mental health as well, which is anything but productive. It is just not good for you. Once you take care of your body physically, you will understand that your quality of life will increase drastically.


You cannot take care of others if you are not your own biggest priority. Believe it or not, once you manage to make yourself a priority, you will be able to create much more fulfilling relationships. In the process of loving yourself, many people will leave. They will realize that you are not just going to put your own needs aside for them any longer and that is when they will walk away. There are so many toxic people around us that we do not even realize it until the very moment we start to appreciate ourselves more. You do not even see the way they drain you or the way they make you miserable and that is because you don’t love yourself enough. You will see the effects of your own self-love once you make yourself a priority. They will just start vanishing one by one, after tel