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How to Decide if a College is Right for You

How to Decide if a College is Right for You

Yaxin Bai

June 1 2021

Choosing a college is an important thing for every student, it is about more than the name and rankings. Students may have other concerns, it might be very hard to decide which school is fit for them. There are some tips for the freshmen.

  1. The Major. Look up the major you choose on the school’s website, and take a look at the information about this major, such as curriculum, career/alumni connections, professors, research center, etc. Deciding which major/field you want to emphasize on and choose the school that offers the major you decide to learn with better reputation and values.

  2. Your Career Goal. The purpose of attending a college is that people want to learn more knowledge and have more opportunities to work in a field they want, so college and career have essential connections between each other. Before deciding on a college, determine the field you want to work in. Then, take a look at the major of the college you choose and see if it’s aligned to your career goal.

  3. Rankings. Don’t care too much about the rankings of the college, but it also would be the important data and information as reference when you’re deciding. Top rankings means good reputation and research of the school. Many people regard school rankings as their first standard, because rankings are the professional and convincing way to evaluate the college.