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How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro

How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro : Mascara Tips to Master

By Clara Nawfal

May 9th 2021

Mascara is a girl's best friend just like diamonds. However, finding the best suited mascara for one's eyes may be a difficult task, due to many variables such as, the shape of the eye, the type of wand, the length and volume of lashes and the list goes on. There are a range of brands on the market, from the luxury options to the Go To's. While searching for your best mascara, keep in mind that the most expensive is not necessarily the best, it just depends on how your lashes like a mascara. You can pick up a mascara that works wonders with your lashes and it may be the cheapest on the market.

Every performer on stage must wear makeup, mascara included, to enhance their features and bring out their beauty under the strong stage lights. South Open Dancesport Championships performers conduct their own makeup prior to heading on stage and so many little tricks and tips were learned to ensure the best has been done to achieve a near flawless makeup look on stage. Below are some tips that can be treasured regarding mascara prior use and after use.


1. First tip is the most crucial. Find the right mascara that works best with your type of lashes. Lashes differ by length, thickness, and even color. Purchase a wand that suits your particular lashes to ensure the best result will be achieved.

2. Use a mascara that is waterproof, especially during performances when the performer can experience excessive sweating. A waterproof mascara will sure prevent dripping and smudging as well as lasting for a much longer time than ordinary non waterproof mascara.

3. Condition your lashes properly the night before with a clear wand with some baby oil or even Vaseline to have them sitting smooth and as long as can be.

4. Add additional coats of mascara until you have reached the desired volume, however, make sure you wait 5-10 seconds between each coat allowing the mascara to dry.

5. DO NOT use the same mascara over a three-month period. Mascara has a three-month shelf life before it dries out and is no longer usable. Even if it still seems functional, the nature of mascara makes it an ideal environment for bacteria, and its preservatives will only hold out for so long.


1. Using an eye makeup remover, remove all mascara and any other eye products at the end of each performance or when no longer needed. Sleeping with mascara or any form of makeup on can cause eye infections, and the mascara itself can be very drying, which can cause a significant amount of damage to your lovely lashes.

2. Whilst applying and after using mascara, swirl the wand in the tube and remove it. To remove any excess product stuck on the wand, scrape along the edge of the tube if need be. You should avoid pumping the wand, as this pushes air inside of the tube causing the mascara to dry up a lot faster. If clumpy mascara pieces are still what you are experiencing, try placing the tube in a cup of hot water or heating it with a blow dryer to soften any hard pieces on the inside and allow the mascara thinner and easier for your next application or use.

3. Use a round cotton wool to remove your mascara in a safe manner that won’t harm your eyes or allow you to feel pain. Press the piece of cotton wool against your eyes for 30 seconds each time allowing the mascara to dissolve onto the cotton wool piece