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How to Achieve a No-Makeup Look: Step-by-Step

How to Achieve a No-Makeup Look: Step-by-Step

Clara Nawfal

Aug 21 2021

In general, all makeup artists believe that natural-looking makeup is one of the most universally flattering looks. We have been playing with makeup for so long, we’ve found all of the right products and tips to achieve a luminous makeup look that glows.

This blog will show you how to create a “no makeup” makeup look and how you can look dewy, fresh, and can be worn from day to night. No matter the woman - age, skin type, skin tone, etc. - we all love a natural makeup look. Keep reading to learn how to create a “no- makeup” makeup look that you can wear every day of your life

Step 1: Skincare

The key to achieving a flawless no-makeup makeup look is a strong skincare routine. By washing your face, you are ridding your skin of any dirt and grime that has built up during the night or day. There are many types of face wash available on the market, so you have to choose a good one to clean your face at least once a day.

Don’t forget to moisturize the skin and apply an SPF 30+ to ensure your skin is protected. All of these steps are crucial in having your makeup look dewy.

Step 2: Brows

For a “no makeup” makeup look, it is important to stay light-handed with the brows. Using the soap brow technique or using a gel to really brush the brows upwards will add to the pulled back and flawless look.

Step 3: Spot Treat Your Complexion

Avoid a full-coverage complexion look for this one. Spot-cover with foundation or concealer just in places you need to even out your skin. To achieve a natural look, focus on covering blemishes, dark circles, or anywhere that your skin looks uneven, rather than going for full coverage.

Step 4: Use Warm Eyeshadow

For a more natural eye, try applying a warm eyeshadow in the eye crease, a deeper shade along the lash line and outer eye corner, and a little shimmer in the middle of the lid. Enhance your natural eyelashes with an eyelash curler and black or brown mascara on the top lashes. Fill in eyebrows or apply brow gel, if needed.

Step 5: Blush and Highlighter

Blush really does add on a cute touch. Apply a contour shade onto the hollows of the cheeks, forehead and jawline.

Step 6: Lips

To wrap up your no-makeup makeup look, finish with a nude lip liner that matches your natural lip color, then fill in with nude lipstick, lip gloss, or tinted lip balm.