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3 Healthy Treats to Boost Your Energy

Energizing Instead of Crashing With

These Great Treats

March 22, 2021

By Jordan Cook

As we know that having desserts is something we all look forward to no matter what time of day. However even though we do get to enjoy the great taste, there is bad that comes with it. Many desserts often have so much sugar that you will induce a sugar crash. Desserts are irresistible and are hard to say no to. Here are three recipes that will energize you and allow you to enjoy the benefits of having a delicious dessert and have the benefits of it being healthy.

S’mores Banana Bites

Everyone loves S’mores, but with this recipe it puts a spin on that resulting in a dessert that won’t take your diet off track.

1 Banana

¼ c.Marshmallow fluff

¼ c.Graham crackers, crushed into crumbs

½ c. bittersweet chocolate chips melted

First slice the banana into 12, ½ pieces, then line a small baking sheet with parchment paper. Place 6 banana slices onto the baking sheet and top with marshmallow fluff and the graham cracker crumbs. Top with remaining bananas to make a sandwich then freeze until firm for about an hour. After they are frozen solid,dunk half into the melted chocolate and then into the remaining graham cracker crumbs. Place back in the freezer until fully set for 30 minutes more, or until they are ready to be served.