DIY Crafts to Try This Summer

DIY Crafts to Try This Summer

Daniel Oshana

June 13th 2021

Looking for some fun crafts to keep you busy this summer? Here are 5 must-try DIY crafts that we thought you would love to try!

Toilet Roll Bird Feeders


  • Empty toilet paper rolls

  • Peanut Butter

  • Bird Feed


  • Put peanut butter on the roll

  • Then roll in bird feed

  • Leave out on your porch and see how many birds come to visit!

DIY Body Scrub


  • Raw Sugar

  • Coconut Oil

  • Essential Oil or Honey


  • Mix the raw sugar, coconut oil, and an essential oil or honey together and you have a great new body scrub!

Crayon Art


  • Canvas

  • Crayons

  • Glue

  • Blowdryer


  • Glue crayons onto your canvas

  • Use the blowdryer to melt the crayon and create an amazing colorful effect!

DIY Rose Facial Toner


  • Rose Petals

  • Pot

  • Water

  • Spray Bottle


  • Pour water into a pot and boil it

  • Once boiling throw in the rose petals

  • Once finished leave them too cool

  • Then transfer the water into a spray bottle for a great new toner!

Book Plant Holder


  • Box Cutters

  • Old Thrift Store Book

  • Soil

  • Plant


  • Use the box cutters to cut a square into the book

  • Fill the whole with your favorite plant and soil!