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Coping With Competition Stress

Coping With Competition Stress

Krista Hanessian

May 28th 2021

It is easy to let nerves get the best of you before going on stage. Here are a few tips to help cope with competition stress:

  1. Think positive: Discouragement can creep in when competing in front of judges and peers. Keep reminding yourself that you are capable and strong. You are ready to perform because you worked hard and prepared.

  2. Get rest the day before: To avoid burnout, make sure to get a good night's sleep. Practice beforehand so you are able to rest the day before. When you hit the floor, you will be energized and ready to give your best performance.

  3. Bring headphones: Listen to your favorite songs to soothe your nerves. You can also use your headphones to go over the routine before performing.

  4. Create a pre-competition ritual: Some people find comfort in routine. An hour before going on stage, you may want to listen to music, stretch, or perform breathing techniques to lower your heart rate.

  5. Remember why you dance: The competitive environment can often cause us to compare ourselves to others. Your biggest competition is yourself! Dance should be a source of joy. Remember you dance because you love how it makes you feel.

Even the most experienced performers deal with stress before competitions. It is so important to be kind to your body and mind. Give yourself words of encouragement, rest, and always remember you dance because it is your passion.

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