College Move-In Day Tips

College Move-In Day Tips

Zoe Stilphen

Aug 16 2021

Getting ready to move into your first year dorm? Not sure what to bring? We have you covered! Preparing everything you need and checking all the items off of your list can be overwhelming, so here are 10 great tips for tackling move-in day and being ready to take on the school year!

1. Plan Ahead.

Make a list of everything you want/need to bring. As you are packing, make sure to check things off so that you don’t double pack or forget anything! This can be a huge time and money saver. Getting to school and realizing you forgot important items can add to the stress of moving in, so be ready!

2. Communicate with your roommate(s) about decorations and what people are bringing.

If your school allows you to have mini fridges, microwaves, and other similar items, talk to your roommate(s) to coordinate who is bringing what. This can help to distribute responsibility and make sure that everyone is pitching in.

3. Bring Cleaning Supplies.

As you are moving in totes and suitcases, you might track in a lot of dirt and dust into your room. Bring a mini vacuum and some cleaning wipes to clean up as you go and keep your room fresh and clean throughout the school year!

4. Label and categorize your items.

As you are packing up all of your essential items from home, make sure to label boxes and bags so that you know where everything is. This can be super helpful especially if you don’t have time to unpack everything before orientation. If you need something in a jif, you’ll know exactly where to look for it.

5. Bring a fan!

The first month of school tends to be very toasty! If you are lucky enough to have air conditioned dorms, that is wonderful. Check your school’s website to see if they have dorm details. Bring a fan just in case to stay cool as you sleep and study!

6. Dress ready to move.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty as you move everything in. Also, don’t forget to wear a comfortable pair of shoes like sneakers that will give you support during a long day of moving.

7. Make your bed first!

As mentioned before, move in day and orientation can run on a tight schedule. You may not have time to unpack everything before shuffling off to a meeting or program. Make your bed before doing any serious unpacking so if you end up out of the room all day, you have a comfy bed ready to snuggle up into!

8. Bring storage bins.

Storage bins are an essential part of any dorm room. Not only do they make moving easier, but cute storage can be a great way to organize your items and keep things tucked away that you may not be using.

9. Make a list as you’re unpacking of things that you need to buy.

As you unpack, try to account for everything you are putting away and make a list of items that you have forgotten or didn’t realize that you needed. That way, if you need to make a run to the store to get more storage or pillows, you know exactly what to look for!

10. Introduce yourself to people!

As you are walking into your dorm, hands full of bedding and decor, don’t forget to say to everyone you pass by! It can feel a little daunting at first, but you will see these people everyday and it’s great to get comfortable saying hi and making new friends!

Move-in day can be a stressful and momentous occasion for many college freshmen. As you are getting settled, remember to stop and take it all in. College flies by, so soak up every second you can and get excited about all of the fun to come!