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Bright Lipsticks for Summer

Bright Lipsticks for Summer

Clara Nawfal

July 7th 2021

“Lipstick is the most valuable weapon in a woman’s makeup kit. It has the power to transform the appearance and mood of the person wearing it and, at the same time, arouses the admiration of everybody else”, says Monica Bellucci, a Italian actress and model. The most powerful tool for a woman's beauty is her lipstick. Applying a swipe from your favorite tube will not only bring a bright pop of color to your lips, it’s a fun and easy way to boost your confidence.

Today our discussion is only for lipstick. I think lipstick is the most important because a gorgeous lip is vital for a beautiful look. On the other side lots of women are confused about finding the perfect lip color. I want to say don’t worry. Here are some best bright lipstick colors for summer.

1. Burberry Full Kisses in Military Red ($30)

All the makeup artists mentioned classic red, and they think a big bold lip using Burberry Full Kiss in Military Red is the perfect fit. The unique shape of the lipstick defines and carves, making it easy to create an enhanced look. This red is great on so many skin tones because it's a perfect balance of warm and cool tones.

2. Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine Lipstick in SuperStar ($38)

This color looks good on everyone, but it's particularly stunning on olive, dark, or tan skin tones. That is why it will be perfect for summer color.