Best Ways to Destress

Best Ways to Destress

By Kerenha Haro

May 16th 2021

Stress. Something we have all faced some time in our lives. We have all gone through situations where we have been stressed. Whether it's for school, work, or an event. The definition of stress according to Google is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. It is not healthy for our bodies and it could lead to future problems.

Stress can cause many to lose/gain weight and lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. This can also lead to gaining or losing your appetite. Obesity is one of the biggest problems America faces today. Stress may be one of the factors leading to this problem. According to the recovery village they report that 33% of Americans face stress daily and that 77% believe it affects their physical health. Stress also leads to anxiety and depression, which is very common in the U.S. We all have different factors that cause us to stress for example: traffic can cause a person to stress because they might not make it to work on time, stressing over school, or even stressing about the minimum. But there is a way to relieve and release that stress.


  • Exercise daily for 30 minutes at the minimum.

  • Practice your favorite sport

  • Put stress free music

  • Surround yourself around positive people

  • Practice breathing exercises

  • Eat well-balanced foods

  • Stand up straight and fix your posture

  • Express your feelings

  • Pray/Meditate

  • Change the environment

Stress can be harmful to us but we should always remember we have a way out. You aren’t the only person facing stress, we all do. We have all experienced it one time in our life one way or another. Put yourself first before anything. Take a break from what you’re doing and once you clear your mind you will see you will function better. Receiving the correct amount of sleep and eating well also plays a big role to destress yourself. Always seek people that will help you release stress not accumulate it. Remember to always put yourself first, if you don't put yourself first. Who will? As Terri Guillemets says: Give your stress wings and let it fly away.