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An Overview of Acro

An Overview of Acro

Ariel Hsieh

July 27th 2021

Acrobatic dance, aka acro dance, is a dance style rising in popularity. A combination of the technical strength and power of acrobatics and gymnastics paired with the beauty and elegance of dance. Acro dance is an extremely challenging dance style, requiring training in both dance and acrobatics. While mastering acro is difficult, the rewards of successfully executing acro tricks is completely worth the effort.

The most impressive feats in acro dance are of course, the acro moves! These are the features of the dance that draws moves from contortion, gymnastics, and acrobatics. While you may be tempted to try these moves on your own, do not unless you have the background knowledge to perform these moves safely. While acro dance is beautiful, there is also a high risk of injury if a move is improperly executed. Check out this video for some epic acro dance moves for some inspiration!

100 Epic Acro Dance many can you do? #dancerchallenge - YouTube

While the acrobatic moves are impressive, what truly makes acro dance…..well, dance… is the dancing! Dance can be found in gymnastics, from the balance beam, rhythmic gymnastics, to the basic floor routines. However, in these routines, the focal point is the acrobatic feat rather than the dance itself.

Katelyn Ohashi - 10.0 Floor (1-12-19) - YouTube

Acro dance generally uses jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and modern dances styles to create seamless transitions between the dance and acro elements of the dance. The acro elements are here to enhance the beauty of dance rather than become focal point, and when done successfully, one only sees a beautiful, cohesive dance. Acro dance can be performed as a solo, duet, or group, with the range and variety of acrobatic tricks increasing in scale. Any dance can have elements of acro in them. Perhaps it is just one or two, or perhaps it even feels nonstop. However many acrobatic elements are in the dance, the thing that makes Acro dance special is all in the beauty of the flow of the dance.

World of Dance: The Cut - Charity & Andres - YouTube