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Always Feeling Tired? Here Are Some Tips for Better Sleep

Always Feeling Tired? Here Are Some Tips for Better Sleep

Kerenha Haro

June 1 2021

We have all experienced feeling tired at least once in our life. The youth might not get as tired as older people but the daily activities can cause anyone of any age exhaustion. The young adults tend to stay up late a lot because their friends are on or because they stay up late watching movies. Going to bed late can cause many health problems and having sleep deprivation can cause serious harm to our bodies. According to the Cleveland clinic some of the effects of sleep deprivation can be high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, heart failure, or strokes. We have to make sure our bodies receive enough rest so that we can function correctly.

Take it like this: some toys require fully charged batteries to function. Same with us, we need sleep to recharge and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to the National Sleep Foundation guidelines we should rest from 7-9 hours each night to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Receiving the correct amount of rest at night can help you do better in school, that's why it's critical in achieving success in academic classes. Here I will list 5 tips from help guide that will help you sleep better and will leave you less tired:

  1. Keep in sync with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle

  2. Exercise during the day

  3. Be smart about what you eat and drink

  4. Wind down and clear your head

  5. Control your exposure to light

We have all struggled with the feeling of being tired or not sleeping enough. Not only does the lack of sleep make your appearance look bad but also your inner self. To be healthy is to look healthy. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Our bodies are what keeps us going and we need to nourish it correctly and love it correctly. Lets not only take care of our bodies but those around us. Let's make an impact with those that surround us.