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5 Ways to Improve Your Improv Dance Moves

5 Ways to Improve Your Improv Dance Moves

Krista Hanessian

July 24th 2021

Dancing in front of peers or judges takes courage, but dancing with no routine or structure can be even more daunting. Here are some tips to improve your improv dance moves:

1. Lead with confidence. Execute every movement with confidence. There are no right or wrong movements in improv. Use improv as a way to push your limits and discover what you can do. There is no such thing as messing up in improv.

2. Find different rhythms in the music. It is easy to stick to one rhythm when you hear a song. Use improv as a way to grow in your artistry. Be creative with movements in your timing, intricacy, and fluidity.

3. Set the tone. It is hard to have no guidance when dancing. If it helps, set the tone of your dance so you have an idea of what you want to do before you hit the floor.

4. Get comfortable with spontaneity. Dancers often find comfort in guidance and knowing choreography. Practice improv so you become more comfortable with not having any structure.

5. Do not be afraid to take from other styles. Unless you are given guidelines to remain within one genre, do not be afraid to mix styles. People look for creativity in improv. If you feel like mixing ballroom with contemporary, try it out!

Improv is a great exercise for growing creativity and pushing boundaries. These are just a few tips to help you with your improv.