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5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Vacation

5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Vacation

Guillermo Canaway

July 15th 2021

As summer comes by and the pandemic seems to be subsiding, the possibility of going off on vacation has come by again and it’s certainly something many of us need after a year of having to be cooped up inside. Taking a flight out to a place you’ve never been before to beautiful vistas is the most enticing it’s ever been whether it be to Japan, Italy, Africa, South Korea or etc. But before you take that flight out into those beautiful lands we have a few tips that’ll help you take that trip without breaking the bank without a way home.

1. Be Flexible when you go on vacation.

Whether it be going on the off season or just being willing to go off to places when the prices are low, if you are willing to wait for a time where people aren’t rushing to go out to places such as on a holiday or on peak seasons, you’ll be saving yourself a pretty penny whether it be on prices for flights or lodging.

2. Take a bike.

One of the major expenses of going out on vacation is the cost of renting a car to go wherever at the place you're vacationing at. This can be mitigated by taking other transport such as renting a bike instead or taking public transport available if possible which can not only lighten the toll load on your wallet but can help you appreciate the place you are at.

3.Hotel isn’t the only option.

Though for many going on vacation it seems to be a no brainer to have lodging at a hotel but it can be quite expensive but if you are open to it there are other options that can save you some

money. Whether it be using airbnb to rest at a local house or a nearby hostel there are ways to find accommodations on your vacations that won’t leave you wanting in your budget.

4.Eat at local restaurants.

Instead of going for the big restaurants made to attract big groups of tourists with big wallets, shoot for smaller eateries that many of the locals eat at. Not only will it save you some cost for a good meal, it will let you get a feel for the foods and flavors unique to the places you are going to and further your horizons to what food is out there in the world.

5. Take in the place and enjoy yourself.

Though a solid idea of planning, budgeting and organization will help you a great deal when readying yourself for your vacation I must, despite the title of this article, encourage one thing. DON’T plan out your whole vacation, acknowledge that you are coming to a place for the sake of taking it in, experiencing this place that is far from your own and though having everything laid out will mitigate the risks of making some foul and maybe even costly decisions, you also have a great chance of losing the beauty to these places and assign structure to your momentary escape from the structure of life. The attempt to make a perfect vacation without a problem is a fallacy that will only result in misery, allow this vacation to not be perfect but something you can enjoy and open your mind to the world outside your own and of course have a fun time doing it.

I hope with these tips in mind you can have a vacation that is worth remembering that can pull you out of something you know into something new and hopefully without the costs you usually expect, have a wonderful time!