5 Timeless Pieces of Clothing

5 Timeless Pieces of Clothing

Morgan Lathrom

June 15th 2021

Your style is your way of showcasing your personality just by wearing a few pieces of clothing. We've seen so many different trends through the years when it comes to clothing. But there are a few that always seem to stick around! These 5 items are pieces that are always going to be good to have in your wardrobe. You may already have these, or maybe you're looking to spice up your style and add these into your closet!

1. Jeans

A simple jean, a skinny jean, a baggy jean, or a mom jean can help elevate your look! Jeans are one of the most common pieces of clothing, but can be styled in so many ways! In this time, you can get ripped jeans, 2 toned jeans, painted jeans, legit any jeans you would like and you are able to style it in any way you want! I've noticed that bell bottom jeans have come back but so have ripped and grunge style jeans! A pair of jeans is something you NEED in your closet!

2. Crop Tops

A trend coming back from the 80’s, crop tops have been a staple in a girls wardrobe for quite some time. We've seen cute cropped tops in 80’s movies time and time again like the movie Clueless! But now they have come back and are more present than ever. A simple crop top can be paired perfectly with a pair of jeans, leggings, or even a cute skirt. A crop top can be dressed down or up. It all depends on what you want to make of it. A crop top doesn't have to be super fancy, it can be simple, a cropped graphic tee, or even a hoodie! The range of styles this one piece of clothing can bring is endless! With summer approaching quickly, you may want to look into getting a few crop tops that are lightweight and make you feel comfortable!

3. Jean Jackets

Complete your grunge look with a jean jacket, that seems to be the trend! Jean jackets were super in with the time in the 90’s and have begun to make a return. Your jean jacket can be paired with an oversized graphic tee, a cute crop top, or even a dress! The options are truly infinite. Nowadays a jean jacket can be painted, can be embellished with collectable pins, or just simply distressed or cropped. Whatever the style option is, we are loving this extra layer!

4. Leggings

Comfy, relaxing, and breathable. 3 words to describe our next piece of clothing. Leggings are a major game changer in your wardrobe. I know personally it is hard for me to wear anything other than leggings! Leggings were popular in the 70’s and the 80’s, but back then they were known as spandex. In our most recent times, a pair of leggings can help keep you stylish, and comfortable. They can be used for a night out, a day at the gym, or to relax around the house. Leggings are a must! They can be paired with a sweatshirt, a crop top, a sports bra, and much more!

5. Nike Air Force Ones

1982 the very first pair of Nike Air Forces came out! Today they help complete many different types of looks! A pair of Airforces can bring a simplicity to your look that you may not have with other shoes. They provide good support for your feet, and also give you an extra bit of height and that well rounded look you've been wanting! These shoes can be painted, customized, colored, anything you can to match it to your comfy look, your business look, or your daily outfit!

Style is forever. They say trends come in a full circle every decade. From what I've seen, we've seen these pieces of clothing time and time again, but each time with a bit of flare! What goes around always comes back around… sometimes. We see this happening