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5 Songs That Would Make A Jazz Number Shine

5 Songs That Would Make a Jazz Number Shine!

Carly Chervenak

June 15th 2021

Jazz is one of the most beloved dance styles out there and gives reign for a lot of creativity. Expression is key to creating the perfect jazz combo or routine! We have gathered a list of songs that will bring a party to the stage or wherever you wish to perform!

1. Latch- Disclosure & Sam Smith

This high-energy song will be a perfect match for a jazz combo. With many different tempos and an electric vibe, you can’t go wrong!

2. Love Runs Out- OneRepublic

With a fast-paced feel, this song is the perfect match for a number filled with breathtaking jumps. If you want plenty of room for creativity and expression, this is the song for you!

3. Applause- Lady Gaga

An international hit, this song is a match made in heaven. Bring your passion to the stage and show us why YOU deserve the applause!

4. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody- Fergie

There are no performers who bring a party to the stage like dancers… especially jazz. Leave the audience wanting more with this thrilling song!

5. Juice- Lizzo

We love everything Lizzo stands for: confidence, style, and acceptance! Bring those values to the stage with this upbeat number!