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5 Must-Try No Bake Desserts

5 No Bake Desserts

Guillermo Canaway

August 3 2021

Sometimes after a long day of work and existential crisis it can be really hard to feed that itch for a delectable dessert without dedicating the energy and time to baking those tasty treats. Thankfully not all delectable sweets need to be baked and for those times of exhaustion we got some no-bake recipes that will help you in your time of need.

1. Brownie in a Mug

For people in need of a delicious brownie without the annoyance of effort and a whole tray of brownies you have to deal with even though you just wanted there is a solution with a smaller portion only needing a few ingredients and a microwave to make your day.


2. Chocolate Coconut Espresso Panna Cotta

Though this recipe isn’t as effortless as putting it into the Microwave for a few minutes it’s a beautiful dish that is sure to impress at a moments notice alongside being quite easy in it’s own right with the bonus of a bit of caffeine to kee