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5 Makeup Tips for Hot Summer Days

5 Makeup Tips for Hot Summer Days

Clara Nawfal

July 7th 2021

With summer and sunshine on your mind, there is a new season of opportunities to try all those summer makeup, but if you're not careful with your product selection, you risk your makeup slipping and sliding off your face when you step into the sweltering summer heat. You have to take precautions to help your face beat the heat.

Here are some tips for wearing makeup in humid weather and for keeping your face looking natural, fresh and pretty, even when you're sweating on hot days, so read on and take notes!

1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly and Use the right moisturizer

Pick a cleanser that suits your skin type. Having a freshly-cleaned face under makeup reduces the chances of breakout as well since there are less particles present that could be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you have oily skin, you have to start by using the oil free moisturizer in the morning. These products will be less likely to leave your face greasy throughout the day, especially in the heat.

2. Layer on sun protection

You should be wearing broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen every single day, and even under your makeup.

3. Primer can help keep your makeup from sliding off with your sweat

"Primers are definitely the way to go in summer", says Ashunta Sheriff-Kenddricks, a celebrity makeup artist in New York City. They can reduce the amount of makeup you use and make application a little easier. Essentially, primers create a barrier between your face and the makeup, and give you such beautiful and long-lasting results.

For example, those with oily skin should try a mattifying primer that’ll block shine and reduce the appearance of large pores. Those with dry skin might need a smoothing primer that’ll diminish the look of flakiness and perfect skin.

4. Glow up with some bronze and Skip the shimmer