5 Fun Eyeliner Colors You Should Try

5 Fun Eyeliner Colors You Should Try

Clara Nawfal

August 4 2021

Looking to create fun and colorful eye looks? Here are 5 fun eyeliner colors that we think you should try!

1. Hot Pink

A hot pink eyeliner sounds way outside of the norm for eyeliner, but it looks so pretty! Whether it’s pencil or liquid eyeliner, the sweep of bold color is great if you want to add some pop to a neutral lip.

2. Yellow

For those who want to wear an on-trend fashion color and who also want to add a sunny pop to their eyes, yellow eyeliner is for you.

3. Gold

Gold eyeliner easily takes black eyeliner from casual to glam, adding an instant touch of luxe.

4. Red

For those of you who want a strikingly bold, and literal interpretation of this fact, red eyeliner is for you.

5. Teal

Teal liner is in-between-blue-and-green color, making it look fab on a variety of skin tones. Teal liner looks great with peachy blush and lips — the combination offers just a bit of color and warmth, without going overboard. It’s just a fun color to try!