5 Fun and Easy Fourth of July Crafts

Fourth of July Crafts!

Guillermo Canaway

June 26th 2021

The Fourth of July is a time that is both important to us and our country samping down our place in the world. To celebrate that with both friends and family we have 5 fun and decorative crafts that will make the holiday one worth remembering.

1. Patriotic Recycled Bottle Centerpiece

Decorate for the holiday responsibly with these fun recycled bottle centerpieces to express the joys of the fourth.



2. Confetti Poppers

Surprise your family with these fun eye popping DIY Confetti Poppers that are sure to leave your friends and family excited!

DIY Confetti Poppers for 4th of July


3. Fourth of July Paper Lanterns

For some more festive decorations to fit our wonderful holiday we have some sweet paper lanterns that can be made easy with the whole family.

Paper Lantern Kid’s Craft 4th of July Style


4. Fourth of July Popsicle Stick Flags

Another bit of festive decoration that both kids and parents will love to put together.

Popsicle Stick Flags


5. Patriotic Candle Stick Holders

For a final bit of festive decoration here are some cute candle stick holders that can be made with the whole family to fit the occasion.



No matter what crafts you make you’ll be sure to have a wonderful Fourth of July to celebrate friends, family and loved ones. Happy Fourth of July!