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20 Perfumes Based on Your Budget

20 Perfumes Based on Your Budget

Morgan Lathrom

June 10th 2021

As much as I love to splurge on new beauty products, when it comes to perfumes/fragrances, the splurge doesn't need to break my bank. With that being said, I know this can be a struggle for others out there too! There are some great perfumes out there that will leave you smelling luxe without dropping a bag to get it. To save you the time looking on the internet, we have given you 20 perfumes that are within different budgets that you can choose from!

$10.00 & Under

Revlon Charlie Blue Eau de Toilette Perfume


This scent is a blend of floral, jasmine, and rose.

Bodycology Moments


This scent is a moment filled with notes of beach, blossoms, and sea salt.

Rhianna Reb’l Fleur