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10 Of The Best Self-Tanners To Hit The Market

10 Of The Best Self-Tanners To Hit The Market

Morgan Lathrom

June 26th 2021

As Summer approaches everyone is looking to get the perfect glow! By using self tanner you can skip beach trips, save your skin from sun damage, and allow yourself to look tan! Self-tanner is a safe and UV-free way to get the sun-kissed look without the feeling like you want to cry because of your sunburn. Some self-tanner is more user friendly than others, some leave you looking streaky or just don't apply evenly. That's why I have searched high and low to bring you some of the top self-tanners on the market!

1. Beauty By Earth - $30.99

This tanner is rated best selling on Amazon! This product is made with organic aloe vera, shea butter and a buildable sunless lotion! Using this product you can kiss tanning poolside goodbye, and say hello to sunless sun kissed skin!

(Shop Now:[artid|10055.g.127[src|[ch|[lt| )

2. St. Tropez X Ashley Graham Ultimate Glow Mousse Kit - $55.00

This lightweight whipped mousse is packed with skincare ingredients but produces smooth, moisturized, glowing skin! This is very friendly, it slides across the skin very nicely and doesn't leave your skin looking streaky! It also comes with the application mitt which is a plus!

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3. Alba Botanica - $9.99