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10 Fun Games to Play With Friends and Family

10 Fun Games to Play with Friends and Family

Dreau Michael

Aug 16 2021

When talking about games to play with friends and family you have to begin with real good classics that this generation may not even know about. today they will learn.

1. License plate game (traveling or just driving over to a friends house. choose a theme or go classic with the alphabet. find the license plates and win.

2. A game that siblings learn to hate due to how passionate and excited people get about each point the win in the joy of knowing you are allowed to hit someone and get away with it (all in good fun and love) and that game is "slug bug". spot out a volkswagon bug and love punch someone close to you.

3. Living in vegas, I will say that its great to grab a couple friends and stake out and claim a craps table and make it your home for a little while. it's a whole different experience being with your friends at your own table in the middle of a large casino and enjoying the moments.

4. Classic nintendo track and field (using the running pad) the competition always gets fierce when you roll out a running pad.

5. More recently a game I was shown, I attempted and failed but had a blast was the dance revolution for wii. Having to watch dance moves of avatars really tests you.

6. A game that I made up one day and turned into the greatest 'get to know someone'' even if you already know them. It also sparks memories, stories end up being told and it's just joyful. "Play. Shuffle. Beat." Easier if everyone playing has their own speaker that they can play music from, but make due. Choose a theme or topic, "Ballad" "Break Up" "Guilty pleasure" for each round. Then taking turns each person plays their song. Simple as pie, but great interaction.

7. Rummy!

8. Trivial Pursuit

9. Scavenger Hunts never go out of STYLE.