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Your Performance. Your Style.


Performance Mindset

Your Mindset is Your Style



If you're enjoying yourself, the audience will too!

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Performance Look

Your hair and makeup should be in tune with your costume and piece!

Many of these beautiful photos are taken by a proud partner of the Championships, Stephen Marino.


Click below to visit the full South Open 2020 Gallery and purchase photos from the site directly!

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Performance Wear

Choosing what you wear in a performance is essential. It's important to choose the best costume to express the character(s) you portray. 



There are so many different types of dance shoes specific to each style. Having the proper shoe can sometimes make or break a performance!

Makeup & Beauty

Performance make up varies between different dance styles as well as specific routines! On a large stage especially, having strategic make up helps you to be seen while performing!

Hair & Accessories

Hair and accessories can be widely different depending on the dance! This part is not only fun, but also allows you the audience to really connect and understand your piece when paired with exquisite facials.

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