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Competition Information 2022

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Date and Location:

December 7th-11th 2022 at JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes




Small Group (4-6 dancers) 
Large Group (7-9 dancers)  
Line  (10-15 dancers)
Extended Line (16-24 dancers)
Production  (25+ dancers)

Packages are available. For Pricing Inquiries, please contact us!

Age Groups

                TB     7 and under
MINI    8-10

JUNIOR  11-12
TEEN    13-15
SENIOR    16-19 
OPEN    20+

Performance Styles

JAZZ:  Primarily jazz technique, utilizing up-tempo music.

BALLET:  Primarily ballet or pointe technique, including classical steps and movements.

HIP-HOP: Primarily hip-hop technique.

CONTEMPORARY:  A fusion of many jazz styles with a strong emphasis on modern technique.


LYRICAL:  A combination of jazz and ballet techniques to slow music incorporating emotional and storytelling elements.


MUSICAL THEATRE:  Any routine interpreting a song from a Broadway or Movie Musical.


BALLROOM:  Routine that consists of core elements of ballroom repertoire showcasing Traditional or Latin techniques.


ACRO:  Acrobatic dance is a fusion of Dance and Acrobatic tricks. These tricks originate from circuses all over the world. Balance, Flexibility and Power blended seamlessly with dance movement.


SPECIALTY:  Consists of all other categories: ethnic, novelty, clogging, etc.


SHOWCASE:  Entries that wish to perform for critiques only. These routines will not be scored and will not be eligible for Adjudicated or High Score Awards.


IMPROVISATION:  Involves creating and executing movement spontaneously, without any premeditated movement. Dancers entered in this category will not know the song being played ahead of time. The DJ will ask the dancer what "style" they would like and then select a corresponding song at random. Length will be no more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Ballroom Group
Avery Gay

Contact Us

At this time, please contact us for any pricing, packages, or registration inquiries. 

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