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"Fashion Fades, But Style is Forever" 

Redefinition and creativity ​is not always an easy feat, and it takes Style. Our definition of Style is centered around your life. Who you are, Who you want to become, What Inspires you, and Your mindset is your Style.

South Open's Style

Any Age. Any Category. Any Style. 

South Open welcomes all, and is the first ever

professional ballroom competition to open up its

doors to our beloved alternative dances.

Visit our Youth page to learn more about the competition. 

What makes a dance competition's Style great? You. Its people. Its family.  Join us all year round as we give you an inside look and share top notch stay-at-home entertainment. We strive to help and inspire you to continue to redefine and choose your Style without shame and with full support.

South Open Dancesport Championships is an annual premier dance competition sanctioned by the National Dance Council of America. Organizer, Sid Pocius, and his wonderful staff consistently bring innovation and excitement while honoring the arts, and giving dancers a safe space to express themselves. is a safe space where you can express yourself.

You can now engage with us all year round, and we cannot wait to know your Style!

South Open Stye
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